Labor & Employment Law

  • advice in compliance with Labor Law;
  • representing of the interests of employees and employers in resolving of labor disputes (conflicts);
  • drafting employment agreements (contracts), individual employment contracts;
  • drafting internal documentation of enterprises regulating labor relations;
  • conducting of personnel (human resources) audit;
  • drafting collective employment agreement and support of the process of their conclusion;
  • advice on the employment of foreign citizens, obtaining work permits for foreigners and advice on migration issues;
  • advice on labor law issues related to taxation of wages, provision of loans (financial assistance), payment of compensation and provision of guarantees to employees;
  • resolving labor disputes in the pre-trial and court proceedings;
  • consultations on termination of labor relations, including with Top management;
  • advising on the reorganization and reduction of the staff of the enterprise, changes in the organizational structure of the enterprise;
  • labor contracts revision on compliance with applicable labor Law;
  • advice on personal data protection and access;
  • tax planning on labor remuneration issues;
  • consultations on obligatory guarantees for privileged categories of workers, planning of working hours and vacations;
  • advice on labor protection and safety;
  • advising on disciplinary and material liability issues of employees;
  • preparation for inspections of the State Labor Office on personnel issues and workplace safety;
  • legal support while inspections of the State Labor Office;
  • appeal against decisions of the State Labor Office based on the results of inspections.

Tetyana Proskurnya

Advocate, Executive Partner of LAW FIRM “BUSINESS PARTNERS GROUP”, Arbitrator




Executive partner




Legal Assistant


starting from EUR1500

First Instance Trial

starting from EUR1000

Court of Appeal

starting from EUR1000

Supreme Judicial Court
Representation of the Client’s interests in one case, regardless of the period of its consideration or the number of hearings, or referral for new judgments. The price is fixed until the final decision is received.


starting from EUR500