Trademarks Registration:

  • consulting and preliminary research providing in order to identify similar and identical trademarks;
  • recommendations for rework in case of revealing of trademarks similarity of;
  • assistance in the correction of classification of the list of goods and services in accordance with the 11th edition of the ICTC (the volume of rights granted is determined by the list of goods and services);
  • application form filing and submission for trademark registration in accordance with Law applicable;
  • keeping records and legal support of the application while formal examination and substantive expertise: filing claims and valid objections on expert report comments and requests, appeal of a decisions, introduction of alterations to the application, extending of terms;
  • obtaining of certificate of trademark registration and prolonging terms of its validity.

Bar Code registration:

  • preparation and conclusion of the Agreement on membership in the Association of Goods Numbering of Ukraine “GS1 Ukraine”;
  • execution, registration and termination of the Agreement on membership in the Association of Goods Numbering of Ukraine “GS1 Ukraine”, maintenance of the validity;
  • a bar code registration for goods or group of goods, obtaining a Certificate of Registration of a Bar Code;
  • providing expert advice on bar code related issues and bar code registration procedures.

Copyrights Registration:

  • preliminary consultations, completion of documents and application submission for copyrights registration;
  • registration of software and databases in Ukraine;
  • record keeping and legal support of the applications;
  • copyright protection services, obtaining of a Certificate of Registration with further delivery to the Client;
  • development and state registration of copyright agreements (license agreements), including agreements on using of copyrights, agreements of the full or partial transfer of copyrights;
  • Copyright protection services in case of its violation.

Entry of Intellectual Property in the Customs Register of Ukraine

Tetyana Proskurnya

Advocate, Executive Partner of LAW FIRM “BUSINESS PARTNERS GROUP”, Arbitrator




Executive partner




Legal Assistant


starting from EUR1500

First Instance Trial

starting from EUR1000

Court of Appeal

starting from EUR1000

Supreme Judicial Court
Representation of the Client’s interests in one case, regardless of the period of its consideration or the number of hearings, or referral for new judgments. The price is fixed until the final decision is received.


starting from EUR500