Why Us?

LAW FIRM “BUSINESS PARTNERS GROUP” is a team of creative, experienced lawyers. We do not blindly follow standards, we usually set them by ourselves and adore winning!

Hundreds of successful cases and non-trivial solutions are in our background. The cases complexity gets us charge out and guarantees successful result.

Best of all we like to:

  • collect debts (including from state-owned enterprises);
  • protect interests of Clients during inspections and searches;
  • rescue seized property;
  • resolve corporate disputes.


We do not just represent the Clients in courts, we create judicial practice!

Please find below the links at few cases that we are proud of, and which our colleagues and business use in their practice:

We are focused on the result, not the process, so cooperation with us is effective and efficient.
If you are looking for proactive lawyers who are sincerely passionate about job they do, our Law Firm is the right choice!

Advocate consultation

Main features of our activity

Our success is pre-determined by productive cooperation with European colleagues – arbitrators and lawyers from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and Cyprus.
Working collaboratively we adopt and apply practically their experience, which is up-to-date in respect of EU vector declared by Ukraine.

Our rules

We do proactively!

We do not wait for wave!

We do important on time

That’s why we have less urgent

Clean-cut path

We clear all inputs from the superfluous information, leaving a clear path to solve the problem. On the other hand, we never forget to prepare at least one plan “B” (for just in case).


Scrupulosity and attention to details. Unchangeable attention to Client’s needs and requests.


Our Values

Professionalism – professional approach to the matters applying combination of experience and modern methods. Strict adhere to the deadlines and advocacy ethics rules. Attention to the details.
Responsibility – Zero tolerance to negligence. Accuracy in work, meticulousness while studying documents, attention to the Client’s requests.
Freedom – free from template thinking in favor of creativity.
Professional self-improvement – continuous-flow analysis domestic and foreign colleagues best practices, tracking and out of box implementation of innovations in the field of jurisprudence, participation in conferences, seminars, round tables and other events.
Good-for-good cooperation – irreproachable  compliance with principles of confidentiality, verification interest conflict, reliable relations with the partners and the Clients.

1. Guaranty of quality

To provide high-quality services and resolve the matter upon Client’s request is ultimately important for us

2. Loyal prices

We offer favorable prices for services.

3. Variety of experience

Each lawyer has successful experience in different areas of Law. It is always minimum two advocates are involved in the same case, which significantly increases chances of positive result.

4. We value your time

The Client always can request for help and receive qualified legal support promptly.

5. Individual approach

We have no template solutions. Each client’s request is individual. The decision is being worked out by a group of advocates.

6. We are environmentally friendly in everything

Environmental protection on earth, in society and in business relations is our priority!