Civil-law relations

  • drafting preliminary agreements, letters of intent;
  • drafting of the contracts and legal support of their conclusion (drawing up (formation) and/or legal analysis of contracts of purchase and sale agreements, provision of services agreements, rent agreements, delivery contracts, construction contract, non-disclosure agreements, loan agreements, collateral agreements (mortgage, lease, guarantee agreements), factoring contracts and other contracts and agreements of various types);
  • representing of the interests of individuals and legal entities in legal disputes, in particular: on compensation for harm (tort legal relations); on the protection of property rights; on the collection of receivables; on disputes arising from inheritance relations;(in particular, in disputes about the restoration / extension of the term for accepting an inheritance, contesting a will, recognizing property rights by way of inheritance, etc.);
  • disputes arising in the field of consumer protection;
  • resolution of extrajudicial disputes (mediation)
  • representation of the Client’s interests at the stage of enforcement proceedings, in particular, the presentation of court decisions for execution, renewal of the terms of enforcement proceeding, replacement of the party to the enforcement proceedings, obtaining a duplicate of the writ of execution (court order) in case of its loss, postponement (payment by installments) of the execution of the court decision, etc.;
  • legal audit of real estate transactions, preparation and analysis of contracts of sale, lease, donation, mortgage, leasing, loan, the subject of which is real estate or property rights;
  • representing the interests of the Client in court on establishing of legal facts, upon renewal of civil legal capacity, adoption, recognition of a person as missing or declaring him deceased, granting a minor full civil legal capacity etc.;
  • advicing on civil legislation;
  • obtaining of Ukrainian birth certificate for the persons living on the territory not controlled by Ukraine (so-called DPR, LPR and Crimea);
  • obtaining a Ukrainian certificate of death for the persons living on the territory not controlled by Ukraine (so-called DPR, LPR and Crimea).

Tetyana Proskurnya

Advocate, Executive Partner of LAW FIRM “BUSINESS PARTNERS GROUP”, Arbitrator




Executive partner




Legal Assistant


starting from EUR1500

First Instance Trial

starting from EUR1000

Court of Appeal

starting from EUR1000

Supreme Judicial Court
Representation of the Client’s interests in one case, regardless of the period of its consideration or the number of hearings, or referral for new judgments. The price is fixed until the final decision is received.


starting from EUR500